Dhamrai: Pohela Boishakh Mela

Wednesday, 14th April 2010

The mela is inside the boundary of Harding High School

Dhamrai is around 45 kilometers apart from dhaka city. This is under the Dhaka district, and also just beside the Manikganj district. At every Pohela Boishakh, the "Doyel Shilpo Goshti"(Doyel Cultural Group) used to arrange a Mela. This is one of largest and well known Mela of Bangladesh.

The Mela Gate

The mela took place inside the boundary of Harding High School(Dhamrai). This school was developed at 1914, almost a century old. If you want to enter the mela, you have to enter the school gate, and then the mela gate. You won't require any entry fee to enter the mela.

Nagor Dola

The mela runs for 5 days starting from the pohela boishakh. you'll find local crafts, and other stuffs at mela for your souvenir. The mela has a "nagor dola", you can have your ride there.

Before the evening, its totally filled up

I found the foara(sprinkle) at the middle of the mela was most interesting, specially when the light gone down. It has seven different colors to make the water color more interesting.

There is also a cultural program used to performed by the local stars. I was enjoying the shows, but its almost 7:00, and I was feeling a hurry to return back at Dhaka.

Actually its quite hard to explain the beauty of the mela, so better watch some pictures those are taken by me.

Almost packed

The sprinkle, before evening

A baby is writing "pohela boishak 1417" at her face

Crowds are enjoying the Mela

The sprinkle at night