Dhamrai: Depashai Mosque

Wednesday, 14th February 2010

From a blog I came to know that there is a mosque at kalampur bazar, near Dhamrai, called "Depashai Jame Moshjid". I went that place with one of my friend, and I was disappointed when I found that there is no mosque. There should be a mosque which was built around 60 years back. But instead I found a newly developing mosque building.

Depashai Jame moshjid at Kalampur(Amtoli bazar)

I just asked a guy there about the mosque, and he said that the mosque just destroyed around 4 months back. It was a small mosque with 3 domes so far I remember. But I was unlucky to watch that. They have demolished the mosque into ground to extend the balcony of the newly developed mosque.

Depashai Jame moshjid at Kalampur(Amtoli bazar)

I'm not blaming anyone, but this is our nonchalant government, who shows no care about to protect the historical places or heritages.


  1. This is not in kalampur, its in Depashai the biggest village in Dhamrai.


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