Dhaka: River Buriganga

Saturday, 24th April, 2010

Our capital city dhaka is situated by the bank of the river Buriganga. It has a long history and you can read that from wikipedia.

My previous experience about buriganga was really horrible. I first saw buriganga from the proximity of "Ahsan Manjil". The water was so black, and the smell was so pungent that I never thought I'll come to see the river once again.

But interestingly from one of my old dhaka friend, I came to know that the water at the area of FarashGanj side is almost clean, and it has very negligible amount of smell. That gave me the courage to visit the river one more time.

When I was near the river, and I found my friend was right. You'll find lots of boats are crossing from one bank to the another one, and caring either goods or people, or both. It will cost you only 10 taka per person to cross the river with a boat.

I have crossed the river with that small boat, and it was an excellent riding. You'll find lots of small steamer and launches are passing through the river, and the passing wave from the vehicles will just swerve your small boat. You can trust on me, and taste this. Next time I have a plane to enjoy the sun set from the buriganga bridge.