Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dhaka: National Martyrs Memorial

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Wednesday, 14th April 2010

It was the first day of our Bengali Calendar, "Pohela Boishak". I was bored with celebrating this day at Dhaka before, there is only one place at dhaka where you can celebrate this day, which is "Ramna Park". Millions of people used to gather at that place when any festival arrives, like Pohela Boishakh. To change the flavor, I went at Savar & Dhamrai to celebrate the day.

About the National Martyrs Memorial(Jatio Smriti Shoudho)

National Martyrs Memorial is situated in Nabinagar, Savar approximately 35 km from Dhaka. The memorial designed by architect Moinul Hossain is dedicated to the sacred memory of the millions of unknown martyrs of the war of liberation. This Martyrs Memorial is a symbol of Bengali nationalism. It is really a scenic beauty of 108 acre of land. The top of this monument is 150 ft. high, which consists other 07 triangular monuments.

How to reach

This place is only one hour journey from Dhaka city. You can take your own car and drive yourself. Also you can go there using any public transport. BRTC from farmgate, or "Hanif", "Green City" from Indira road(opposite of Tejgaon College) are available for you. Bus fair is around 30-35. You can either get off from the bus at "Nabinagar Bazar" or you can get off at "Smriti Shoudho".

Opening & Closing time

Its free for everyone, no entry fee requires. This is open from morning to sun set. Staying at night time is not allowed by the authority.

Its a lovely place, and you can enjoy your whole day at the place. Also opposite of the place you'll find a luxurious restaurant of "Porjonto" for your lunch.

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