Dhaka: Dhamrai Bazar Jame Moshjid

Wednesday, 14th April 2010

Dhamrai Mosque(Dhamrai Bazar Jame Moshjid) is located at Dhamrai Bazar. Dhamrai is a Upazila of Dhaka district which is beside Manikganj District. At the Dhamrai Bazar, you'll find this nicely decorated mosque.

This looks a bit old fashioned and the Minaret of the mosque is designed flamboyantly. The minaret consist of small white colored marble stones. The mosque has around 6 domes at the top of it. All of them are white colored.

I didn't enter the mosque area, so I don't know the exact built date of it and other information. May be you can update the page if you visit the place in future, or if you already have visited the place.