Dhaka: Binat Bibi Mosque

Saturday, 24th April 2010

Binat Bibi Mosque is the first mosque that was built by Bakht Binat, the daughter of Marhamat, during the rule of Sultan Mahmud Shah I at 1454. This mosque is located at Narinda. If you want the exact location, that case its at 90 Narinda Road, Dhaka. Near the Police Camp of Narinda.

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Initially it was a singled dome mosque and the length of the mosque is around 12 ft. This is a very small mosque, but nicely designed. Later on it didn't have any care or anything from the government. Another dome which is just similar to the original one was built at the top of the mosque. Also the authority added a balcony with the mosque. So its hard to get the original flavor from the mosque.

binat, bibi, mosque, narinda, dhaka, first, moshjid

Now a days, interestingly I found, local people used to call the mosque as "Gunai Bibi's Mosque". "Gunai Bibi" is a character from our local "Jatra Pala". Thats why people mixed up the Gunai Bibi with the Binat Bibi. So if you find hard to locate the mosque, you can use Gunai Bibi's name that case.


  1. heritage in ward no.41(ex:-77),dhaka south city corporation.


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