Dhaka: Baldha Garden

Saturday, 17th April 2010

Baldha Garden or Baldah Garden. This is located at Wari, once upon at time which was the area for the rich people. If you want to read or know more about this garden, then please read it from wikipedia yourself.

Garden Map

As a part of the old Dhaka expedition, I was at the Wari. But believe me, I was disappointed by the sucking situation of the garden. Some bad people just made this place like a brothel. I have heard about this before, but I couldn't believe that its on such scale.

History or About Garden

Its been written that not doing any bad activities inside the garden, but who cares. Under the every tree males are simulating almost sexual activities with their girl friend(who knows, may be a slut). Left, right, front, back, wherever you look, every situation. Even I saw couples are hugging each other beside the wall, and everyone can see this. I think they don't have any shame.

Its written to not doing anything bad, but no one is following.

Many article like wikipedia, banglapedia, or the groups from facebook, I have heard about this place. And Nowhere I have found any information about this issue. I think they are doing wrong by hiding the proper information. Cause you are inviting us to visit the place, but place is like a brothel. What if anyone brings her family after reading your article?

Lilli Pond, almost having no care

I'm not going to tell you when the garden is opens, and when it closes. Cause I'm not encouraging you to visit the place. Better go elsewhere, but not this place. If the authority or the government just take some steps to prevent this issues, this place will be an attractive one for the nature lovers. So the dudes from facebook groups or something like those, please do not encourage anyone to visit "Baldha Garden"

I liked this dude, If you want to sleep, only then you can go

Never visit this place, you won't find a filthy place like this at Dhaka. I don't like to discourage to visit any place, but this time I'm helpless.


  1. Thanks!
    I was planning to visit this place on next weekend. Now I'm looking for a new destination.

  2. My father is 65 years old. When he was the student of Dhaka University he used to go there. After ages He came asked me about visiting hour. I tried to discourage him..but he is so excited to visit as he has nice memories in the place when he was young! GOD!
    He is so gonna disappoint himself!


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