Dhaka: Armenian Church

Saturday, 17th April 2010

Armenian church, old dhaka

There were an Armenian Community at Dhaka during 1700-1800 Century. During the period Armenian have built several infrastructures including churches, schools, and others. Armenian Church is one of them. This is located at "ArmaniTola" near "Naya Bazar". Also to make the things easier, its near from the starting of the bridge of "Buri Ganga River". If you take a riksha from Naya Bazar, or any place near from that area, they will take you at the church.

Armenian church, old dhaka

This church was built at 1781. And one of the oldest church at Dhaka. I have heard many things about the church from blogs, and peoples. That made me interested to visit the place. But the irony is, most of the time its remains close, except after 11:00 to 12:00 at Sunday. Only that one hour is available for the visitors. The church doesn't guide any prayer like other regular churches.

Armenian church, old dhaka

So next time if you visit the place, make sure you are at Sunday, and of course you are at 11:00. Otherwise you have to watch the church from the buildings which are the proximity of the church. But still, I'll request you to watch the church from the top. It has a nice view from top. All of my photos of this article are taken from the top.

Armenian church, old dhaka

If you know more information about this Armenian Church, please share with me. It can be any link, or your own article.


  1. does it require ticket to enter ? only one hour ??? can anyone visit here at 25 december ?

    1. Do not know current situation. Hopefully no ticket requires. Anyone can go for prayer at church during Sunday.


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