Thursday, April 8, 2010

Dhaka: Ahsan Manjil, The Pink Palace

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"Ahsan Manjil", also called The Pink Palace. It is situated at Old dhaka, just beside the bank of the river "Buri Ganga". The construction of the palace was begun in 1859 and completed in 1872. Nawab "Abdul Ghani" named it Ahsan Manzil after his son Nawab "Khwaja Ahsanullah". If you want to read more about this palace, you can read it from Wikipedia

ahsan, manjil

How to find Ahsan Manjil

It was hard for me to find the exact location of Ahsan Manjil. I didn't find the address of the house anywhere. Fortunately I have a friend from Old Dhaka. I have phoned her, and she assisted me about the direction for the Ahsan Manjil. I have taken a Riksha from motijheel, and asked him to take me and my friend at Ahsan Manjil. It was only 30 taka riksha fair from Motijheel.

The exact location of the palace is at beside Islampur bazar. Also if you know the "Jagannath University", then it will be easier for you either. Cause its just few minutes of distance apart from the university.

ahsan, manjil

Opening and Closing time

Ahsan Manjil is close at Thursday. At Friday its open from 3-5, and any other days its open from 9-5. But at summer time, I meant after April, its used to be open till 6:00. So before visiting the place, make sure you know about the the timing about open/close. Finally, it will cost you only two taka to enter the Ahsan Manjil. Using the same ticket you can visit the Museum too. So its really cheap.

Aware about Dead Buri Ganga

I have never seen the river Buri Ganga before. So I was interested to see it. I heard its too dirty, and its ecologically a dead river. But I didn't realize that it can be such dirty that I have seen that day. Man, its horrible, the water is terribly black, and it appears like a river of ink. And the hell, the smell of the river was so pungent that I almost felt vomiting. So, keep this on mind, if you are a river lover.

I have visited the place at Saturday, 20th March 2010. Its at Dhaka, so it won't take the whole day for you to visit the place.


  1. Hello,

    I have recently visited the river from Farashganj side, and the river is pretty nice at there

    You can safely visit the river if you are somewhere near at Farashganj.


  2. কাজে লাগল। অনেক ধন্যবাদ।

  3. A must see place for the tourists at Old Dhaka.