Comilla: Rupban Mura (রুপবান মুড়া)

Saturday, 03 April 2010

Rupban Mura (রুপবান মুড়া) is another archeological site from our Comilla (কুমিল্লা). This is just beside the BARD at Kotbari, Comilla (কোটবাড়ী, কুমিল্লা). Most of the people visit the BARD but miss the opportunity to observe the beauty of Rupban Mura (রুপবান মুড়া) for lack of knowing. So if you have gone to BARD, and never visited the Rupban mura (রুপবান মুড়া), then you are unlucky for sure!

After visiting the Itakhola Mura (ইটাখোলা মুড়া), we have visited this place. It was at the middle of the day and only we were there. We have had a lot of fun all together by hustling and tussling, and taking photographs. If you look at the North from the top of the Rupban Mura (রুপবান মুড়া), then you'll find the archeological site called Itakhula Mura (ইটাখোলা মুড়া) which is at the other side of the road.

How to Go:

If you plan to visit the Rupban Mura (রুপবান মুড়া), then you have to first reach at Comilla (কুমিল্লা). This archeological site is just 200 meter apart from the BARD, Kotbari (কোটবাড়ী). So please read the How to go section from my other article BARD of Comilla (কুমিল্লা)..

Rupban Mura (রুপবান মুড়া) on google map.

Rupban Mura (রুপবান মুড়া),
Village: Kotbari (কোটবাড়ি),
District: Comilla (কুমিল্লা জেলা),
Country: Bangladesh (বাংলাদেশ),
GPS coordinate: (23°26'10.84"N, 91° 7'45.90"E)

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  1. It is a significant archaeological sight in Bangladesh. This Bihar was built by the king Balbhatta.


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