Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Comilla: Rosh Malai of Matri Bhandar (মাতৃ ভান্ডারের রসমালাই)

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Comilla is famous for the Rosh Malai (রসমালাই), and the Matree Bhandar (মাতৃ ভান্ডার) is the best and oldest producer of the best quality of Rash Malai (রসমালাই). You'll find lot of outlets at different places at Comilla (কুমিল্লা) claiming themselves as the original and authentic dealer of Matri Bhandar (মাতৃ ভান্ডার). But don't get fooled yourself. Cause there is only one showroom of the Matri Bhandar (মাতৃ ভান্ডার) in Comilla (কুমিল্লা). Most of those fraud shops are having a small prefix or suffix like the new, modern, ltd, etc around the name Matri Bhandar (মাতৃ ভান্ডার).

The location of the outlet is at Monohorpur (মনোহরপুর) beside the Kandir Par (কান্দির পার) road. It will take 10 to 15 Taka rickshaw fare to reach near the shop from Shashongachha (শাসনগাছা). Just ask any rickshaw or auto driver for the original Matri Bhandar (মাতৃ ভান্ডার). It's tasty and yummy yummy. If you have a chance then take the original taste of the famous RoshMalai (রসমালাই) of Comilla (কুমিল্লা). Their contact number is 880-81-76233 (found from the parcel).

Matri Bhandar (মাতৃ ভান্ডার) on google map.

Rosh Malai of Matri Bhandar (মাতৃ ভান্ডারের রসমালাই),
Monohorpur (মনোহরপুর),
District : Comilla (কুমিল্লা),
Country: Bangladesh (বাংলাদেশ)

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