Chittagong: Shitakunda echo park

A lovely place to visit. Just 37 km apart from Chittagong town. I was there at Sunday, 28th March 2010.

Suptadhara Falls:

Shitakunda Echo Park has two falls, one is Shuptadhara falls. This falls keeps dormant except the Rainy season. If you are there at rainy season, then only you can enjoy the beauty of the falls with full of water.

shuptodhara, falls, shitakunda

As I was there at dry season, from the far side of the falls, it will appear that the fall doesn't have any water. But when we were moving towards the falls, we can see a glimpse of water which was dripping from the top of it. But I'm happy with it. I knew its dry season, and I was expecting this amount of water there.

shuptodhara, falls, shitakunda

But the beauty of the proximity of the falls was outclass. Small and large block of stones are spread all over. One kind of white beauty. After enjoy the falls, we started to move up side of the falls. Our plan was to reach the "Shohosro Dhara" falls through the mountain path. When we reached at the top of the falls, it was a heaven. All over its white. I have given its name is "White beauty"

shuptodhara, falls, shitakunda

Anyway, after enjoying the white beauty, we started to ride the mountain. We don't know which way to follow, we just started to walk. It was tiresome, but it was really exciting. Also through out the trekking we have done lots of fun, that worked as a refreshment for us. After around 1 our and more walking we've came to the Pitch road.

Shohosrodhara Falls:

Then we started to move towards the shohosrodhara falls. Its another 2 km walking distance, and once again its upwards. Once again this falls had almost no water like previous one. From the flow of the falls, "Shupta dhara falls" is created. So its certain that if here is no water, you cannot expect any water at other one too.

shohosro dhara falls, shitakunda

From the top of the hill, you have to get down using the stairs to reach the bottom of the shahasra dhara falls. Its easy to get down, but its a bit hard to get up. It will cost plenty of your energy. So be prepare for this.

shohosro dhara falls, shitakunda

Hatir Pahar

When we are back at the top after visiting the Shahasra dhara falls, a local guy told as that there is a spot, from where you can enjoy the view of the "Hatir Pahar", the mountain of elephant. Actually its a mountain at far side, which looks like an elephant, thats why local people given such a name. You can find it at below image.

hatir pahar, sitakunda,

View of Bay Of Bengal from Sitakunda

You can have the view of Bay of bengal from the top of the sitakunda mountain. Actually there are several location at the echo park from where you can enjoy the beauty of Bay Of Bengal. If you are caring a Binocular with you, that case you'll have better experience to enjoy the beauty.

How to reach from Chittagong Town:

Sitakunda Echo park is just beside the Comilla-Chittagong Highway. Its just 37 kilometer apart from Chittagong town, and 1 kilometer away from Shitakunda bazar. You can have taxi, or CNG auto riksha, or bus, or train to reach that place. For train, collect the timetable of train. I know you can return from sitakunda at 7:30 using at train. But I don't know which time to go from chittagong.

We have hired a CNG auto riksha, and it cost 270 taka from chittagong to sitakunda, and it cost 260 from chittagong to sitakunda. When returning from the echo park, you have to go to shitakunda bazar first, there you'll have plenty of CNG.