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Chittagong: Patharghata Catholic Church (পাথরঘাটা ক্যাথলিক চার্চ)

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Friday, 26th March 2010

Patharghata Chatholic Church (I think its also known as Portuguese Catholic Church). This is situated at Patharghata, Chittagong (পাথরঘাটা, চট্টগ্রাম). It was a lovely afternoon when I have visited there. I'm impressed by the beauty of the church. This church was established around 500/600 years back.

This church has a graveyard inside it. People left their beloved person at this grave, and each of the tomb has an epitaph containing the words from their heart. When you'll read those notes from the tomb, it will simply touch your emotion.

Tomb of Sir Henry Leland Harrison

Most interesting thing from the church was, it has a grave and where "Sir Henry Leland Harrison" was laid. The grave is made by white Marble Stone. When I was taking photographs of the church, one gentleman helped me to find the grave. He said that it was an exceptional grave of the church. He advised me to take a photo of the tomb as a collection. This tomb has a stairs as passageway inside.

Later when I have returned back to my home. I went at Google and found that "Henry Leland Harrison" was a writer, and his book's name is "Bengal Embankment Manual, Containing an Account of the Action of the Government in Dealing with Embankments and Watercourses ...". It was first published from Calcutta, Bengal Secretariat Press at 1875.

From the tomb of the Harrison, I found that the fellow was died after suffering from a Cholera at 5th May 1892. Henry Harrison was born at February 5th 1837. He was only 55 years of old when He died.

Patharghata Catholic Church (পাথরঘাটা ক্যাথলিক চার্চ) on google map.

Patharghata Catholic Church (পাথরঘাটা ক্যাথলিক চার্চ),
Bandel Road,
District: Chittagong (চট্টগ্রাম),
Country: Bangladesh (বাংলাদেশ),
GPS coordinate (22.3321487, 91.8390265)

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  1. Ami akje dekhe ashlam...awsome.

  2. Hi - you might be interested to know that his daughter, Gertrude Florence Harrison, also died in Chittagong on the same day and is probably also buried here - she was 22yrs
    Rgds Nick (

  3. Thank you Nick for sharing such an important information for this article...

  4. Dear blogger,

    I request permission to publish some of these photos on the Dhaka Tribune, Page 7 on Jan 24.

    The photo will be duly accredited as "Lonely Traveller". Please inform asap if you agree on want the credits in a different name.

    1. I think I am late to respond. Basically it doesn't require any permission to use photos from my blog. These are open for public usage. I don't need any credit for my photos or work. Just use whatever you like.

  5. I am going to see this church tomorrow.