Thursday, April 8, 2010

Kaptai Lake from Chittagong

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Saturday, 27th March 2010

I have kept this article under Chittagong section, because, actually it was a Chittagong tour, and from Chittagong we went for a Karnafuli river (কর্ণফুলী নদী) visiting, and included the Kaptai lake (কাপ্তাই লেক) as it was just a few kilometers away. It was a very hot day of March 2010.

kaptai, rangamati, lake

When we have reached near the lake area, it was around 4:30pm of afternoon. We have hired a boat for half an hour of riding at the lake shores. The lake is around 200-300 ft depth an average (as people say!). The water was so clean, and a bit of greenish. The waves on water that causes due to the heavy wind should make you scared. It's a wide and vast open spaces for both water and air.

kaptai, rangamati, lake

There is a place where people stores bamboos which will be transferred to Karnafuli river. After the boat riding, We wanted to visit the Kaptai Bidyut Kendra (কাপ্তাই বিদ্যুৎ কেন্দ্র), this place is controlled by the BRD (recent days BGB) and Army. It requires a permission to visit the place. As we didn't have any permission, we couldn't enter that restricted area. But if you have one, you can enter. So try for it by your own!

kaptai, rangamati, lake
Karnafuli river at Rangamati

We had nothing to do after as we didn't able to enter the restricted area (was on our list). So we have enjoyed the beauty of Karnafuli river (কর্ণফুলী নদী), this time from Rangamati. The town was not that much developed town or area, but still was busy with local people.

Most charming part of this tour was, the taxi cab riding at the hilly road beside the river Karnafuli (কর্ণফুলী নদী). We have hired an Air Conditioned Taxi cab, and it cost us 1700 Taka for round trip. Remember Kaptai is 74 kilometer from Chittagong town, and it took around 2 hours to reach at Kaptai (কাপ্তাই).

Kaptai Lake (কাপ্তাই লেক) from near Chittagong on google map.

Kaptai Lake (কাপ্তাই লেক),
Upazela: Kaptai (কাপ্তাই উপজেলা),
District: Rangamati (রাঙামাটি জেলা),
Country: Bangladesh (বাংলাদেশ),
GPS coordinate (22.497547, 92.221141)

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