Thursday, April 8, 2010

Chittagong: Foy's lake & Sea world

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foy's lake

Foy's lake is situated at Chittagong. It was created at 1924. I have heard about its beauty from my friends. But believe me, I didn't find any beauty there. May be it was hot summer, and all the leaves of the trees are dried. Also the water level of the lake also gone down.

Another stupid thing is, you have to spend 150 taka to enter the lake area. I simply didn't understand what kind of nonsense it is. I'm viewing a lake, and its cost 150 taka? I think i'm a foreigner. From my travel experience I have never found such a high rated entry fees for any tourist place.

Anyway, after a great disappointment from the poor beauty(crumb, wastes are visible all over the places) of the Foy's lake, we moved towards the "Sea World", which cost 200 taka each person. There can enjoy many rides of water.

There is a virtual sea, but the water was too dirty. People are leaving tissue papers, and other stuffs inside the water. I think the authority doesn't bother to replace the water of this place. Also, from my 2 hours stay at there, I found the virtual sea was open for only 40 minutes. I meant the wave. May the the guys were saving electric power.

Also, I found most of the rides are not open yet(though it was 2:00 at afternoon). Since I like water, and I was jumping inside the sea world, It was a bit fun for me. But from my experience, this place shouldn't be listed at your travel book. You can take your family to enjoy the weekend at there. Not for travel. Its just a place like Nandan or Fantasy Kingdom or our Dhaka.

I'm sorry If I hurt the people from Chittagong. Its my own opinion.

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  1. As a Chittagonian, I truly agree with u that there is no reason to take 150 tk to visit a lake. it should b open for all.