Bandarban: Nilgiri, the blue world

Friday, 6th November 2009

Nilgiri, the mountain of blues. This is around 47 kilometers from Bandarban town. Day by day this place became one of the most lucrative tourist spot at Bandarban.

You can observe the bewitching beauty of the mountains, where the clouds are playing with the waves of the wind. Its unbelievable site which is not expressible through texts.

The mountains of nilgiri are around 2400 to 2700 ft high from the sea level. The meander route by the vicinity of the mountain are really marvelous. you have to hire a car, or "chander gari"(local cars for public transport) to reach the nilgiri from Bandarban town.

The hotels of the bandarban town are really cheap. You can stay there for your travel. Also if you are interested you can stay at "Nilgiri Resort" of nilgiri mountain. This resort is controlled by the bangladesh army. You have to book the rooms around 2 weeks before you visit the place due to rush.

You don't need to take any extra permission to visit the place, but if you have any foreigners with you, or you are a foreigner, that case you have to take permission from the DC of Banderban.

If you are starting your journey from Dhaka, that case you can use the "S Alam" or "Unique" bus service. So far I remember, its around 350 taka per person. The bus are medium quality, and runs very fast at night.

The beauty of the Nilgiri Mountain is ineffable, better watch the photos. From my mind, if a baby clicks a camera shutter at nilgiri mountain, you'll find its top class. The beauty itself the master to make your photos outclass.


  1. nice post. i love to go there from dhaKa by plane. my plan is dhaka to chittagong by plane and then take bus to bandorbon. now i am not sure where should i contact to book a room for 4 persons. i want to stay in nilgiri motel or nilgiri resort.

    do you have any contact details for nilgiri resort run by army?

    please let me by email:

  2. I found this on internet:
    Contact Number of Nilgiri:
    01190811322, 01925882338.

  3. Nilgiri is one of the tallest, lucrative and beautiful tourist spot in Bangladesh. Very nice this resort. This is the heaven of earth.

  4. Nilgiri is an extra-ordinary tourist attraction. The author's images are beautiful. Thanks for posting this.


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