Friday, March 7, 2014

Fancy Leaf Caladium - Caladium bicolor

Common Name : Fancy Leaf Caladium, Heart of Jesus, etc.
Botanical Name : Caladium bicolor
Family : Araceae (Arum family)

Today its all about an interesting plant whose leafs are much more beautiful than the flowers. This is a hybrid plant and green leafs of the plants are having random dots composed with white and red. Botanical name of the plant is Caladium bicolor(should be hybrid). It belongs to the plant family Araceae. This is a foreign plant in our country and native to South America and West Indies region. It has several fancy names in English, but doesn't have any in Bengali.

This ornamental Auram plant is a long lived perennial erect plant having no stem. Leaf's shape is like all the common Auram leafs and formed atop of the stalk that is erected from the rhizome of the plant. It doesn't grow too much in height and grows as a bush. For it's attractive color composition on the leafs this can be an exotic collection to one's garden!

Flower of this Fency Leaf Caladium are also similar to any other Aurum flower from it's family. These are inflorescence having a phallus like spadix covered with a milky white colored spathe. Almost similar to a hood of a venomous snakes like Cobra. This plant can propagate through the seeds but mostly done through it's rhizomes.

Photos of this article were taken from Joypurhat district(জয়পুরহাট) during a tour of mine at May 2013.

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Monday, February 24, 2014

Feni: Bashpara Shat Mondir(বাঁশপাড়া সাত মন্দির)

Friday, 05 July 2013

Last time when I have visited Feni(ফেনী) unfortunately I have missed few things that time due to lack of study. This time it was a tour to visit the waterfalls from Mirsarai(মিরসরাই), So I have added the missing stuffs during this tour, hence We have visited this amazing Bashpara Shaat Mondir(বাশপাড়া সাত মন্দির) from the Chhagolnaiya Upazila(ছাগলনাইয়া উপজেলা).

We had a horrible bus journey last night. It was 4 hours late to start due to immense traffic jam on the highway. Also it took around 8 hours to reach at the Feni(ফেনী). Our bus driver felt on asleep several times while driving. So overall it was a hectic journey for us. But we were happy, at least we could start the traveling after all!

We have finished our breakfast from a restaurant nearby at Chhaglnaiya(ছাগলনাইয়া), and collected all the required information from the hotel boy. It was very near from there and we have reached there after having a stroll. It has total 7 tall temples over there. Those are not in a line, rather those are in a shape of `L` from English alphabet. Though I am calling these as temple, but interestingly these are not temple. Possibly these are Moth(মঠ) and build for the Jomidar(জমিদার) of that time(around 100 years back).

All these structures are nicely decorated at the upper side. The top is decorated with the lotus, Chakra(চক্র), etc. It is very difficult to observe the top of the edifices from near as its packed with trees and jungles. To see this beauty we had to move a bit further from the place. The temples are having a medium sized pond beside, and from the other side of the pond the top of the temples looks amazingly beautiful all together.

Apart from these seven beautiful temples, there is another one available which is 2/3 minutes of walking distance away from there. That is known as Ek Mondir(এক মন্দির) as its only one over there. I don't know much about all these eight temples(though actually Moth). In fact I didn't find that much of information on web as well.

After visiting this we have moved forward to visit an ancient mosque that is known as Chad Gazi Bhuya Mosjid(চাঁদ গাজী ভুঞা মসজিদ).

How to Go:

This Bashpara Shat Mondir(বাঁশপাড়া সাত মন্দির) is very easy to access. First you have to come to the Chhagolnaiya Upazela(ছাগলনাইয়া উপজেলা). You can come here from the Feni district(ফেনী জেলা) using CNG driven vehicles. It is probably 30 taka per person and takes around 30 minutes to reach at Chhagolnaiya(ছাগলনাইয়া).

From there you can take a walk to reach near the temple. Everyone knows about this place, so just ask them if you need any help. For your assistance here is the GPS coordinate of the place(23° 2'13.58"N, 91°30'43.16"E).

Each of the temples are nicely decorated(at top) like this picture.

This far sight view of the temples from the other side of the pond is best as per my observation.

View of the Ek Mondir(এক মন্দির).

Ek Mondir(এক মন্দির).

Ek Mondir(এক মন্দির).

Ek Mondir(এক মন্দির).

Bashpara Shaat Mondir(বাঁশপাড়া সাত মন্দির)
Village: Bashpara(বাঁশপাড়া),
Upazila: Chhagolnaiya(ছাগলনাইয়া উপজেলা),
District: Feni(ফেনী জেলা),
Country: Bangladesh(বাংলাদেশ)

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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Jessore: Vorot Rajar Deul(ভরত রাজার দেউল)

Friday, 21 June 2013

Vorot Vayna(ভরত ভায়না) is an archaeological site that is still less known to us. In fact we even don't know much about this place. After discovering the site and also from the excavation, several valuable things were collected from here. By observing those things, experts are guessing this was built by the King Vorot(ভরত রাজা) which was was nearly around 2000 years from now. That time a lot of Buddhist people used to live around this place. Now a days local people know this place as Vorot Rajar Deul(ভরত রাজার দেউল).

This small but valuable archaeological site is located nearly beside the Buri Bhodra River(বুড়ি ভদ্রা নদী) which is now a days suffering from lack of flow and care. But it was mighty once upon a time like many other rivers from our country. The name of the village at where this place is situated named Gourighona(গৌরীঘোনা). It was around the mid day when we have reached there.

How to Go:

Though this place is under the administration of Keshobpur(কেশবপুর উপজেলা) of Jessore(যশোর জেলা), but this is near from the Chuknogor(চুকনগর) of Khulna district(খুলনা জেলা). you can come here either from Jessore(যশোর), Khulna(খুলন) or Satkhira(সাতক্ষীরা). Chuknogor(চুকনগর) falls somewhere at the middle point of these three districts. From Chuknogor(চুকনগর) bazaar I have hired a motor bike for the round trip that did cost us 170 taka. From the bazaar its around a 20-25 minutes of motor bike ride. GPS Coordinate of the place is somewhere near to this (22°51'28.54"N, 89°22'14.60"E).

Where to Eat:

Chuknogor(চুকনগর) bazaar has a famous restaurant named Abbas Hotel(আব্বাসের হোটেল). You can have your lunch there with mutton curry that is cooked with a local spice named Choi(চৈ).

Where to stay:

Unfortunately you have to return back to the District town to stay during the night as you'll not find a suitable hotel rooms there for night staying. My Suggestion is to stay at Khulna(খুলন).

Vorot Rajar Deul(ভরত রাজার দেউল),
Village: Gourighona(গৌরীঘোনা),
Upazela: Keshabpur(কেশবপুর উপজেলা),
District: Jessore(যশোর জেল)
GPS Coordinate: (22°51'28.54"N, 89°22'14.60"E)

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