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Dhaira ful (ধাইরা ফুল) - Dendrophthoe falcata

Bengali Name : Dhaira ful (ধাইরা ফুল), Bandha (বান্ধা), Pharulla (ফারুল্লা), etc.
Common Name : Honey Suckled Mistletoe.
Botanical Name : Dendrophthoe falcata
Family : Loranthaceae

ধাইরা একটা পরগাছা উদ্ভিদ যা অন্য একটি গাছের উপরে জন্মায় আর বাড়তে থাকে... সাধারণত পুরানো আম গাছে বেশি দেখা যায় জন্মাতে...লাল কমলা রঙের ফুলগুলো থেকে যখন ছোট ছোট ফল হয় তখন তা একটু মিষ্টি লাগে খেতে... পাখিদের পাশাপাশি ছোট বাচ্চাদেরও অনেক পছন্দের এটি... ছোট বেলায় গাছের নিচ থেকে পরে থাকা ধাইরা ফল কুড়িয়ে খেয়েছি অনেক... আজকে সেই ফুল নিয়ে লেখা...

I am going to write about a different plant today. It doesn't grow in soil, or in water, rather it grows upon another plant. Which means its a parasite plant and requires a host tree for further growing. It is locally known as Dhaira Ful (ধাইরা ফুল) in Bangladesh along with few other vernacular names Bandha (বান্ধা), Pharulla (ফারুল্লা), etc. It has a nice common name in English which is Honey Suckled Mistletoe. This parasite plant belongs to the family Loranthaceae and botanical name is Dendrophthoe falcata.

Despite of being a parasite plant, this plant is well healthy and oppositely arranged leafs are too much broad, thick, fleshy, smooth and having variable shapes. Dhaira (ধাইরা) plant is a much branched bushy shrub plant. It mainly grows over a well grown old mango trees (but grows over few other old trees as well).

Flowers of Honey Suckle Mistletoe are red, orange in color. Its a slim tubular (basically the corolla) flower blooms as a cluster during the winter season in our country Bangladesh. Flower converts into a small fleshy fruit which is a source of food for specific kind of birds. The seeds use to stuck around the beak of the birds and disperse when they rub their beak on the branch of another plant.

Photos of this article were taken from Dhaka during October 2014. In this article the Host plant was a Megohoni (মেহগনি) tree.

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ফুলের জন্য ভালবাসা, আমি বুনো ফুল...

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Hollyhock Flower (হলিহক ফুল) - Alcea sp.

Bengali Name : হলিহক ফুল
Common Name : Hollyhock Flower.
Botanical Name : Alcea sp.
Family : Malvaceae (hibiscus family)

হলিহক জবা গোত্রের একটি ফুল... নানা বর্ণের আকর্ষনীয় ফুলগুলো একটু বড় সাইজের হয় দেখতে... এটি বিদেশী একটি ফুল... বাইরের দেশে প্রচুর পরিমানে দেখা গেলেও আমাদের দেশের বাগানগুলোতে এখনও অতটা চোখে পড়েনা...

Hollyhock is another foreign flower that is native to Asia and European region. This flower belongs to the plant family Malvaceae at which the Hibiscus belongs. We can easily grow this flower in our country, but unfortunately I do not see this flower much around the gardens. Genus name of the Hollyhock flowers is Alcea.

Hollyhock can be an annual, biennial, or perennial based on the species. It's a single stem flower having rough leafs. A plant can grow up to eight feet in height. The stem has fiber similar to other Malvaceae fiber plants. People from England have cultivated this for fiber until 1900. But these days this is now only an ornamental flower.

Hollyhock flower are extraordinarily showy and beautiful for its vivid color and the size. Dissection of the flower is exactly similar to the Hibiscus flower that we have learned first in our early high school biology class. Now these days this flower can be found in various colors such as red, white, maroon, crimson, pink, etc. Flower blooms around the stem at the axil. At a time a Hollyhock stem can be found with 5-8 bloomed flowers along with small flower buds.

Petals of Hollyhock can be used as a litmus. You can create a litmus paper by rubbing the petals on a white paper and then let it dry. For your information, a litmus paper can turn into red with acidic substances, and turns into blue with base (or alkali substances).

Photos of this article were taken from the Godawari Botanical Garden, Nepal during May 2014.

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Angel Flower (এঞ্জেল ফুল) - Angelonia angustifolia

Bengali Name : এঞ্জেল ফুল
Common Name : Angel Flower, Narrowleaf Angelonia, etc.
Botanical Name : Angelonia angustifolia
Family : Scrophulariaceae

Today I'll write about the Angel flower which is also known as Narrow-leaf Angelonia. It is native to Mexico and Caribbean region. It is mainly a garden flower and suits nicely in our country Bangladesh as well. Botanical name of this flower is Angelonia angustifolia from the plant family Scrophulariaceae.

Narrowleaf Angelonia is a perennial herb plant that can grow about a foot or two in height. Stems are smooth and the leafs are slender and having toothed at the margins. Leafs are arranged oppositely around the stem. It is reported that some plant's leaf smells like an apple (I didn't know it before).

Angel flowers are showy and bloom profusely. For it's hybrid this flower can be found if different colors such as white, mauve, purple, etc along with mixed colors (i.e. white & blue in my photos). Flowers are borne (at axil) in a slender upright spike and having five petals which are attached from a bowl shaped thing.

This ornamental flower is suitable for the bedding at gardens and can easily adjust the climate of our country. I believe someday we'll see this delicate flower profoundly around us.

Photos of this article were taken from Comilla War Cemetery during March 2013. It was a part of my three days tour where I have traveled Chittagong, Feni, Noakhali and Comilla.

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